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Corporate development is the creation and execution of plans and strategies needed to meet growth initiatives, such as venturing into new products and markets, and investing in new areas



System development is the process of planning, creating, testing, and deploying an information system within your company to increase efficiency and streamline work flows, with the strategic goal of increasing revenue and income.


Business Analysis includes measurement of revenue, profit, assets, and liabilities, as well as consistently tracking performance indicators to ensure optimal efficiency.

  • Product Development

  • Market Analysis

  • Product Implementation

  • Process Improvement

  • Organizational Restructuring

  • Acquisition Prospecting

  • Business Development Planning

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Business Plan Development 

  • Work Flow Analysis

  • Technology Implementation

  • Corporate Technology Review

  • Technology Initiatives Testing & Planning

  • Technical Training for Personnel

  • Review of Operational Inefficiencies

  • CRM Implementation

  • Budget Creation, Review, and Analysis

  • Tracking Key Performance Indicators

  • Financial Ratios Review

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • Profit Margin Analysis

  • Financial Stability Review  

Professional Experience

Communication & Telecom

In 2017, William helped with the growth of a Caribbean-based telecommunications company that served the Kingston Jamaica area. To improve the efficiency of the company he helped map the locations of different telecom equipment and organize distributing strategies. He also helped with the startup of a wireless internet service provider by developing marketing material, gathering client lists, and assisting with the company’s accounting and financials.

Software & Technology

In late 2016, William began helping with a financial forecasting software company to help develop and improve the functionality of a customized software application. By working with users as well as software developers he helped facilitate new features and operations to improve user workflows and ensure software stability. In addition to working on the software application, William also helped with the company's financials and accounting to both drive revenue growth and improve profitability.

Finance & Insurance

Starting in 2020, William has assisted multiple departments of a specialty insurance company. Initially, he helped with accounting operations and billing processes and then moved on to the underwriting division of the company. William became licensed as an insurance producer in January 2021 and then began underwriting commercial insurance for small and mid-size businesses. In parallel with underwriting, he managed numerous special projects for the organization to implement new product offerings and to improve the operating, accounting, and underwriting efficiencies of the company. In 2022, after the completion of his MBA, William stepped into a new role as the Director of Corporate Distribution & Development. To grow the revenue stream of new products, William was put in charge of developing new relationships across the insurance industry and building new distribution channels and partnerships. Along with the development of these new relationships, William is in charge of putting together the operational infrastructure for multiple new insurance programs and working with all company divisions to streamline processes. The development of each new program involved a high level of technological expertise, combined with a sound understanding of the insurance and financial services industry.


William's investments are made primarily in small and micro-cap companies, commonly traded on the over-the-counter markets. His investment decisions are based on fundamental principles and financial figures used to find undervalued companies. Unlike most equity investors, his holdings are concentrated in just a few investments at a time, and diversification is given little attention. On occasion, William also makes alternative investments, such as purchasing mispriced bonds as well as engaging in event arbitrage. His views on investments are laid out in his essay Investment Principles and methods are detailed in another essay: Investment Strategies.


William started writing articles for various websites in 2020 and has now written dozens of articles for different blogs and publications. In 2022, he was published in The Tampa Bay Business Journal for his writings on the Florida real estate market and its potential oversupply. Almost all of William’s articles focus on insurance, financial services, or the growth of different industries. He’s written on real estate, insurance products, electric transportation, macro-economic trends, and many other topics. His articles and essays can be found on various websites and are gathered here on the essays page. 

Education & Certifications

Undergraduate degree from the University of Oklahoma

MBA from Northeastern State University

Property & Casualty Insurance Producer's License 

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