Investing is the process of putting cash into an asset in order to receive more cash at a later date. While there have been many different forms of investment over the past centuries within financial markets, the one that has proven the most successful has been the purchase of productive assets selling for below their worth, what many call Value Investing. This idea of investing goes beyond Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham. Andrew Carnegie, Commodore Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, and countless others made their fortunes by purchasing assets at a decent price and receiving a high rate of return. 

The key then is to identify the strategies and principles that will allow an investor to determine the value of different securities and identify the ones selling for far below their worth. 

Investing Manual

The investing manual lays out the strategies used over the past years to identify undervalued securities and the principles needed in order to do well when investing in financial markets. 

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Investment Principles

All rational decision making is based on a unique set of principles set out through the course of life. The same approach should be taken towards investing by basing all investment decisions on a unique set of guiding principles.

Over the course of their lives the world's greatest investors have developed many principles that have served them well throughout their career.


By studying their investments and writings 6 core principles have been determined to be the foundation of successful investment.

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Investment Strategy

There are over 15,000 publicly traded companies within the United States; the vast majority of which are small-cap seldom followed by analysts on Wall Street. 

Focusing on investing in companies with under $1 billion in market cap provides a large advantage given that these small-cap companies are more likely to go overlooked by other investors given their smaller size. 

By consistently looking through these small-cap companies the goal is to invest in ones selling for the lowest price in relation to value. 

While there are indeed other investment strategies such as event arbitrage, the best opportunities come from investing in small-cap stocks.