Takeaways from Morgan Stanley's Annual Report

Form 10-K: The annual filing that public companies submit detailing their business overview and financial condition.

  1. Morgan Stanley’s predecessor companies date back to 1924 during the days of John Pierpont Morgan. 

  2. In 2018, Morgan Stanley had over 60,000 employees.

  3. Before engaging in certain financial activities, Morgan Stanley has to get the approval of the Federal Reserve. 

  4. If the Federal Reserve decides that Morgan Stanley is in a poor financial condition they are allowed to restrict the company from paying dividends to its shareholders. 

  5. As a result of the OCC increasing the threshold of asset requirements for banks, Morgan Stanley’s U.S. bank subsidiaries no longer have to prepare recovery plans. 

  6. Morgan Stanley’s net income in 2018 was $8.7 billion.

  7. Morgan Stanley gets its revenue from three main segments: Institutional Securities, Wealth Management, and Investment Management.

  8. Morgan Stanley derived over 73% of their revenue from North America

  9. Morgan Stanley has over $853 billion in assets on their balance sheet with $772 billion in liabilities. 

  10. Compensation and Benefits makes up over 60% of Morgan Stanley’s non-interest expenses.