Takeaways from Discover's 10K

  1. $90.5 billion was the amount Discover had in loan receivables in 2018. 

  2. 81% of Discover’s interest income was from revolving credit card loans. 

  3. Every one of Discover’s credit cards offers some sort of rewards program. 

  4. 15 - 20 years is the average repayment period for Discover’s student loans. 

  5. In 2008, Discover purchased Diners Club which now has over 120 Licensees. 

  6. The NHL and The Big Ten Conference are a few of the partnerships that Discover uses to grow their revenue base. 

  7. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are Discover’s primary competitors. 

  8. Discover had 16,600 employees in 2018. 

  9. Discover’s largest source of revenue comes from interest income, while American Express’ largest source of revenue comes from discount fees.

  10. $2.7 billion was Discover’s net income in 2018.

Please note: Olympus Wealth Management is a Tulsa based investment fund which may or may not own holdings in Discover and readers should not take the above statements as a recommendation to buy or sell Discover stock but instead as an informative article meant to increase one’s knowledge of the company.